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In those first few months with your newborn babe, what better way to adjust to your new life than in the comforts of our Women’s Bamboo Short Sleeve PJ set. These women’s bamboo pajamas are made with convenience in mind with front buttons that allow easy access for breastfeeding mamas. The buttery soft bamboo blend that is signature to our women’s PJ sets are breathable and lightweight, making them the best loungewear you’ll come across.

If you have been looking for some stylish nursing pajamas for yourself or a new mama in your life, check out our new Sea Fan 2-piece Women’s PJ set from our latest collection. It has front pockets that are useful for anything from tissues to your baby’s pacifier. 

We're excited that this season, we've brought in an XL size. 


The short sleeve PJ set is in our Sea Fan, from our SS22 collection, By the Sea. Elegant, delicate, and majestic, these sea fans make a statement in the calm blue ocean waters.

Women's Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve PJ Set - Sea Fan

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